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What is TuKoKe? How do I participate? Find out by checking our answers to some frequently asked questions below! If you have any other questions or concerns about TuKoKe, please contact us at tukoke(at)


What is TuKoKe?

  • TuKoKe is abbreviated from the Finnish verbs “tutki, kokeile, kehitä” meaning research, experiment and develop.
  • It is open to children and youth (aged 4-20) interested in science and technology, and project entries are accepted from all branches of science.
  • The culmination of TuKoKe is the two-day final event organized yearly in March-April in the form of a science fair.
  • TuKoKe is organised jointly by Development Centre Opinkirjo and TEK – Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland. 
  • TuKoKe co-operates with STEK Electricity competition so if your project is in any way related to electricity, you can also submit it for the STEK Electricity competition when registering to TuKoKe.
  • TuKoKe was organized for the first time in the school year 1979-1980.


Who can participate?

  • To participate you need to be under 21 years old at the end of spring term and study in Finland or in a Finnish school abroad. A permission from the guardian is needed for participants who are under 16 years old.
  • You can participate on your own or in a group. In TuKoKe there is no limit on group size, but most international competitions limit the group size to 2 to 3 persons. For more information on international competitions, see “What are the prizes?”.
  • There are four age categories:
    • Category I: second grade pupils and younger
    • Category II: grades 3-9
    • Category III: all other youth under the age of 21
    • Category Y: for group projects whose participants belong to different age categories.
  • It is possible to participate every year until you turn 21. If you wish to participate with the same project as the previous year, further development and new input is required.
  • You may also participate in other competitions with the same project.


How do I participate?

  • Register your project in the competition registration site. The registration form is currently available only in Finnish, so you may need to ask someone who speaks Finnish to help you.
  • The deadline for the registration is the 1st of February at 23:50.
  • Accepted file formats are pdf, jpg and gif, and the maximum file size is 16 MB. It is also possible to submit a video by providing a link to it. Please make sure that the video is accessible for anyone who has the link.
  • The report can be written in English but if possible, you should also submit an abstract in Finnish with a maximum of 300 words.


What kind of projects are accepted?

You can participate with

  • a research project
  • a literature review; no experimental part is required
  • a literary analysis
  • a development project
  • a new invention or product
  • a computer program – please note that you also need to submit a report explaining the use of the program and/or the importance of the project
  • an idea – the idea series welcomes projects that present a novel idea without further development / research


How are the projects selected for the final event?

  • The organisers evaluate every project. Based on their assessment, a part of the projects are sent to expert reviewers who grade the projects based on the novelty of the idea/solution, practical applicability and the quality of the reporting.
  • The review committee selects 30-40 projects for the final event on the basis of project reports and expert reviews. Projects are selected so that all age series and sciences are evenly represented in the final event.


What are the prizes?

  • Cash awards are provided to all projects that are selected to the final event.
  • Some projects are given the opportunity to represent Finland in the international science competitions EUCYS, INTEL ISEF and GENIUS Olympiad. More information can be found on their websites.
  • In addition, there may be special awards provided by the organisers or sponsors.


What are the reporting guidelines?

  • All reports must have a cover page with the name of the project, date/year and information that you are participating in TuKoKe. If you are participating in Category III, please do not write your name or the name of the school on the cover page as projects in Category III are evaluated anonymously.
  • There is no minimum length for the report. We recommend submitting a report with a maximum of 20 pages but longer reports will also be accepted.
  • An abstract (max. 300 words) needs to be submitted at registration. If your report is in English, you should submit the abstract in Finnish, whenever possible.
  • Other than the above mentioned, there are no fixed requirements for the form of the project report. In any case, the report should have a clear structure and provide enough information for the reader to repeat the research/measurements/analyses/steps performed during the project.


Can I participate if I have completed my project without an instructor?

Yes. TuKoKe welcomes both projects you have worked on at school and projects you have completed on your own and/or in your spare time.


Can I submit more than one project?

Yes, you can submit as many projects as you like. However, only one of your projects can be selected to the final event.


Can I participate with my extended essay (IB students)?

Yes. Please add a cover page with the name of the project, date and information that you are participating in TuKoKe. Do not write your name or the name of the school on the cover page because projects are evaluated anonymously.